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About Us

The Legend of the Red X Anglers

For those of you who don’t know about the birth of our mighty club listen in and Ill tell ya what I gathered from the elders.

Island Man and Bout Time lived close to each other in Emerald Isle, NC, the place known as The Crystal Coast. One day we met on and decided to go fishing together. Well this trip only resulted in one trout boated and one red getting off at the boat. While on this outing we talked about getting other members of ncangler who lived in our area together. So Bout Time decided to put together a “meet and greet” to discuss these ideas. The meeting had twelve members in attendance.

The meeting was a success and got everyone excited about forming a fishing group. Later while chatting in ncangler the name of the group was decided. The way “The Elders” explained it to me, Island Man posted a question for others to tell us about their “secret” trout holes. You can imagine the response that question got.

After several threads and discussions about marking our secret spots with Red X’s several names were tossed around and discussed and then some one suggested that since we kept talking about marking the spot with an X we call ourselves the RED X ANGLERS and thus the name was born. So now we are off and in search of the ever elusive X and somewhere along the way a fish and a friend or two.

Now depending on who ya ask……the name was born in several different ways, places but for sure was decided on the place we all love to be.

The original members of the founding club are listed below…

Bout Time…..BigE18…..dragula65000…..Island Man..(President)…..jimbeam11…..Leroy-P…..NEO19672000 Redsoxfantildeath…..RouseD…..Scott Hobbs…..TimC…..Venom17

The Red X Pledge

  • Recognize that our actions should always be governed by what is right, ethically and legally and will accomplish this through personal example and education.
  • Educate fellow anglers, especially youth and new anglers about fishing ethics.
  • Treat other anglers, boaters and people with courtesy and respect
  • Respect our environment and leave my fishing site as clean or cleaner than I found it.
  • Learn and observe all angling regulations and when necessary report those that do not.
  • Invite like minded anglers to join us and further promote responsible and ethical practices for future generations to follow.