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Event Information

Who can attend Red X events and Meet & Greets?

Anyone! Red X M&Gs are open to anyone who wishes to attend. However joining us is simple and the benefits are numerous!

I would like to attend but I don’t have a (boat, kayak, fishing equipment, tent, ride to the event, etc).

We are a very friendly and generous group. If you don’t have something you need just ask! Many of our members have spare fishing & camping equipment, extra kayaks & canoes or open seats on their boats. We are scattered across the state so chances are there is someone near you who might offer a ride to & from. We will do everything we can to help you join in.

Who can host an event or Meet & Greet?

Any Red X member can host a M&G.

How do I establish a new Meet & Greet?

The best way to start a new M&G is to post a thread on NCAngler or post in our Facebook Group in order to gauge interest.

I’m ready! Any suggestions or tips on how to proceed?

Some of our members have been hosting Meet & Greets for several years, here is some wisdom that they’ve shared.

  • Poll for dates. Site moderator will post poll if you can’t figure it out. Give no more than 3 options.
  • Take into consideration camping/lodging options, time of year and safety issues. You want the fish biting and nobody getting hurt.
  • Keep updated information on first post of thread where it’s easy to find. Attendance list, links to site, lodging etc.
  • Any photos or war stories about good times at past events will increase participation.
  • Decide on group meals versus everyone on thier own. The latter is much less risky as no shows or no pays can leave someone footing a big bill. 
  • Evaluate facilities. Some family members may appreciate bathrooms and showers versus latrines!
  • Try to limit lengths of fishing. Shorter floats or designated shore lunch allows for plenty of socializing and keeps from wearing everyone out. Most of us have already caught our fair share of fish anyway.
  • Try to post lists of items to remember. Not everyone attending does this all the time. Little things like sunscreen, bug spray, hat, jacket can make the trip much more enjoyable.
  • Know where the closest medical facility is and have a good first aid kit.
  • When picking areas consider waters that already have a decent amount of traffic (Internet a well as physical) This will avoid over publicizing someones “private honey hole”. Ask others you know who regularly fish the area if they mind the crowd or the public knowing. There are a lot of lurkers and just the mention of success and technique could unintentionally subject an area to excessive fishing pressure.

How do I get my Meet & Greet posted on the events calendar?

In order to have your event posted on the events calendar, simply fill out the form below. Include the “official” name of the event, the closest street address or link to a google map location, and a link to the planning thread or Facebook Post.

You must be logged in AND A MEMBER in order to submit an event.