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Welcome to the spiffy new Red X Angler’s website. Over the next many weeks, I’ll be moving all the stuff Papa Dave had amassed at the old site before it vanishes for good (2-Apr-2019). Be patient and give me some time… He had a lot of crap over there and time’s a premium for yours truly.

This is your basic WordPress setup so I can cross-post additions to FB and keep y’all updated. There’s a calendar that you oughtta be able to subscribe to with your phones for the various meet’n’greets once I get it figured out. Also there’s a gallery for the hundreds of photos Dave had archived.

If you drop the arrow on the upper left, you can register to comment. Better yet if you’d like to contribute posts or help me administrate this site, contact me using Contact Us form or any other way you know how to reach me.

Okay tight lines everybody…


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