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Joining the Red X Anglers is easy! Just fill out the application to the left, and live by the creed to the right. Be sure to give us a valid email address.

You’ll need to log-in or register in order to submit a membership application.  The process only takes a moment.

The Red X Angler Creed

As a Red X Angler I understand that I am being trusted into membership of a prestigious club and promise to:

  • Recognize that our actions should always be governed by what is right, ethically and legally and will accomplish this through personal example and education.
  • Educate fellow anglers, especially youth and new anglers about fishing ethics.
  • Treat other anglers, boaters and people with courtesy and respect
  • Respect our environment and leave my fishing site as clean or cleaner than I found it.
  • Learn and observe all angling regulations and when necessary report those that do not.
  • Invite like minded anglers to join us and further promote responsible and ethical practices for future generations to follow.

The Leadership Team